Renovate Your House With Low Budget

Renova the appearance of your furniture. No need to buy new furniture, you can also give them a fresh look based on details. Replace the hardware or change the color of the cluster can be two ways to renew them without great expense. Founding and reupholstering can extend the life of armchairs and sofas for many years, in addition to economically revaluing their original designs.

New colors The renovation, both of tiles and furniture, can also come from your hands: you can paint them in new colors to produce new tones in the environments.


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Tips For Renovating The Bathroom Without Getting Into Work

Paint: the solution 

When there is no time, budget or desire to get to work and change the tiles, an excellent answer is painting. You will quickly find special bathroom paints, which are washable, steam resistant and stain resistant.

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If you are going to change the faucets, keep in mind that the thermostats provide the water at constant temperature, without sudden changes. No more hot water to frost!

Chest of drawers

Look for furniture that has drawers and doors with a cushioned closure, which favors the durability of the furniture as it prevents sudden hits and noises. You will also find drawers of total extraction, which open entirely for better access. Everything in sight and at hand!

Your Ally

If the bathroom is small, you are interested in putting a large mirror to add depth to space. Those that have built-in light are very useful since they do not generate shadows.

With pedestal

If you have a pedestal sink, opt for a type of furniture that will help you gain storage space: they are the ones that have an area in the center to adapt to your sink without installation.